Lifetime Warranty

Crown Suspension Money Back Lifetime Warranty -

Crown builds products that exceed consumer expectations in quality and durability, we choose the best materials to make our product as durable as possible and we stand behind everything we build 100% offering a money back lifetime warranty.


The term lifetime is in reference to the lifetime of the product and ownership of the vehicle not your lifetime.  

Manufacture Defects-

A manufacture defect exists if the product is not built to its intended design. These terms are if your springs sag, your components do not install as it was designed to, defective material, workmanship or if it just plain break due to structural integrity.

Wear And Tear-

Wear and tear is damage that is due to the natural function of the parts. While we choose the very best materials to make our components all material degrade over time and use with exposure to the elements and the natural movement of your vehicles suspension. Most suspension parts manufactured by Crown are movable parts and or have movable parts attached to them which will wear overtime due to wear and tear. Our warranty does not cover shocks, ball joints, bushings, sleeves, U-Bolts or powdercoat due to wear and tear.  

Modified Parts-

We will NOT warranty any parts that have been modified this includes cutting, welding, painting or if they have been bedazzled or damaged by improper usage

Replacement Parts-

If you have a warranty claim you will need to take pictures of the broken or defective part or parts as well as pictures of the vehicle that they are for. Replacement parts can be done through Crown Suspension directly if you purchased from us or you have a receipt from an authorized dealer. Money back guarantee needs to be done through the retailer that the parts were purchased from. Please contact